exploder testers

Exploder Testers

The Beethoven ET series of electronic testers is specifically designed to safely check the correct operation of the related beethoven exploder. These testers are part of a range of products manufactured by Arbra instruments and our sales office would be delighted to help you select the most appropriate one for your application. Each ET tester is manufactured in a robust high impact ABS moulded case. It is completely water and dust proof. An unique feature of the tester is the use of sliding billet terminals.

This feature makes cable connection especially easy and prevents the cables from damage. All electronic components are resin encapsulated to prevent damage.

Beethoven model No Energy tester required
MK19 ET19
MK20 ET20
MK21 ET21
MK22 ET22
MK22/3 ET22
MK23 ET23
MK30 ET30
ET7 may be used prior to blasting for confidence testing. The ET7 is not approved to fully test the MK7 exploder.