hand generated exploder

Hand Generated Exploder

Automatic firing is achieved by a two handed operation of depressing the fire button whilst turning the generator handle. If the fire button is released the charge on the capacitor is safely dissipated.

Manual firing is achieved by holding the charge button whilst a hand operated generator charges a capacitor to the required voltage, when the neon indicator lights the exploder is fired by pressing the firing button. The charge on the capacitor will be safely dissipated if the charge button is released. The exploder will only fire if the neon light is fully on.

Approved models are approved for use in underground mines where use of permitted explosives is required. Non-approved for use in all surface applications.

Arbra Data Sheet MK7 MK8 MK19 MK21 MK22 MK22/3
Approved Yes Yes No No No No
Built in ohmmeter Yes No No No No No
Automatic Firing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
5ms cut off Yes Yes Yes No No No
Weight kgs 5 4 4 4.5 4.5 5
Minimum capacitance (*10^-6Farads) 9.5 95 9.5 19 28.5 28.5
Maximum fire voltage (vdc) 950 950 780 950 950 950
Maximum internal series resistance (ohms) 111 111 62 9.4 9.4 9.4
Maximum charging time (sec) 3 3 2 4 7 7
Minimum fire charge (joules) 4.3 4.3 2.9 8.6 12.9 12.9
Maximum time to be safe after firing button released (sec.) 1 1 1 1 1 1
Maximum ohmmeter test current (mA) 1
Ohmmeter Resistance range (Ohms) 0-1999